Calgary, AB - May 29, 2019

It's going to be a great day!

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2018 Real Leader Conference was a great success!


What people said about the first Real Leader Conference in October of 2018

"Thank you for an absolutely outstanding event and experience.  Well Done! It is the best Leadership forum I have attended ever and I have attended many." - J.E.

"Certainly an incredible day and a privilege to be a part of it; can't wait for the next one in 2019!" -  L.R.

"I really enjoyed it and took away a lot of very valuable lessons and insights. I thought you did a great job matching the speaker with energy level of attendees at various points throughout the day.  I also really like the interactivity you built into the day." - M.B.

"I really got alot out of this event, thank you."  - J.G.

"Excellent event and lots of really pertinent learning.,  Thanks to you and your team for an outstanding day." - J.G.

"Such an amazing day.  One of the best conferences I've attended.  I walked away so motivated and have told everyone who will listen.  Awesome job, thank you!" - H.R.

"Congratulations on a great event.  Fantastic lineup of speakers, terrific organization, and lots to walk away with.  Nothing like spending time with a group of leaders to feel more inspired about one's own leadership potential.  Great stuff!" - C.H.