REAL Leader Workshops

One, Two or Three hour Sessions


Real, Engaging, Actionable, Learning
Anyone can become a real leader. It simply takes a lot of work!

In this demanding business environment, real leaders are critical to business success. With constant change, increased organizational complexity and higher performance expectations, leaders need to continually enhance their skills to be successful. Real leaders inspire their teams to do more than they thought possible, enable their teams to get stuff done and provide feedback and coaching along the way to help them become high performers.

What makes a Real Leader?

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Leaders learn the power of mentoring and how to leverage the knowledge of a group to solve problems or create solutions by sharing best practices and experiences with peers.
Leader as Coach

Leaders learn how to provide one on one or group coaching to their direct reports when giving performance feedback, reviewing work objectives or discussing skill development 

Learning to Love Change

This session focuses on various approaches on how to introduce change, building sustainability, eliminating opt-out, moving passive support to rabid support with a team. Highlights will be building a vision, getting buy-in and excitement for change 

Building Great Teams

The goal of this session to help leaders understand the importance or team dynamics and how to build a team that performs at a high level, regardless of the situation. Leaders will learn how to influence and inspire others to collaborate, cooperate and succeed.  

Sharing the Dream of Success

Leaders learn how to create a vision and inspire others to follow 

Getting Out of The Way

Leaders learn how to help their teams become resourceful, figure it out (FIO) and then step back and let the teams perform. This is the end of micromanagement 

The Foundation of Leadership

This session focuses on letting leaders define their purpose and enhance their true leadership attributes 

Coaching for:

How to delegate, performance reviews, giving and receiving feedback, difficult conversations 


Building and sustaining an organizational mentoring program