Accelerated REAL Leader Development Program

3 Hour Courses: Relevant, Engaging, Actionable Learning

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Leaders learn the power of emotional intelligence and the five main factors: self perception, self expression, interpersonal, decision making, stress management. 

Leadership Brand: How you show up for your team and your organization

This session focuses on letting leaders define their purpose and build their personal leadership brand

Leading with Purpose

Identify your purpose as a leader and how your values align with your  organization

Building Resilience and Managing Stress 

Learn strategies to build resilience through reducing, managing or eliminating stress from your life

Communicating wIth Emotional Intelligence

The art of using Emotional Intelligence to communicate effectively  with your team, your peers and the organization

Building a Culture of High Performing Teams

The goal of this session to help leaders understand the importance or team dynamics and how to build a team that performs at a high level, regardless of the situation.

Driving Change to Get Things Done

This session focuses on various approaches on how to introduce change, and build support and buy-in to get things done

Creating and fostering a Culture of Accountability and Collaboration - Coming Soon

Use specific coaching skills to encourage all employees to be accountable for their actions and use collaboration skills to get work done.

Mastering Performance Feedback, Coaching and Mentoring

Learn high level strategies and tactics when providing feedback and helping team members achieve work goals and objectives

Motivating, Inspiring and Recognizing Performance - Coming Soon

Learn how to inspire your team to do more than they ever thought possible

Courses start March 2019

This program has been designed to maximize learning for busy leaders that need real life leadership skills.  Cohorts will learn specific skills that can be put into action right away.

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